The Ulven Companies Successfully Provides Emergency Support to Navy Minesweeper in the Philippines – Rewarded with Plaque Containing Pieces of Dismantled USS Guardian

May 14, 2013

After a Navy Minesweeper ran aground on a reef off the coast of the Philippines in mid- January, The Ulven Companies rapidly and successfully provided the Navy with the necessary riggings to remove the ship safely and quickly over the next month.

Port Engineer of the USNS SAFEGUARD, Terry Johnson, was so impressed with the timely response and cooperation of the Ulven group that he decided to formally recognizing the Ulven employees with a one-of-a-kind commemorative plaque trimmed with actual pieces of the USS Guardian.

Johnson was overwhelmed with gratitude to Ulven when he said, “My sincerest thanks to all the individuals that were a part of getting this done. USNS SAFEGUARD will now be able to carry out her next mission. The professionalism and dedication of your employees truly gives us hope for our nation as a whole. I am honored and humbled at the response we received for this need!”

The Ulven Companies have been in the forging industry for over 40 years – starting with the founding of Ulven Forging, Inc. in 1971. The Ulven Companies now comprise a group of four different American companies and are privately held. Each company has its unique set of process capabilities in different areas of the industry and is known for bringing high-quality, cost-effective products to its customers with reliability and integrity.

Contact: Dan Ulven, President TUC