The Ulven Companies have a long and proud history of producing specialty products for the military/defense industry.

Skookum branded rigging and lifting products are commonly used in military/defense applications, but we also offer custom, build-to-print metal components through our forging, machining, and casting facilities.

As an added benefit, we also offer assembly and welding services, allowing us to deliver turn-key products to our customers. For any special processes not carried out in-house, we maintain strong relationships with a diverse range of NADCAP-approved vendors that we regularly partner with.

From the moment we receive a new request for a quote, the Ulven Companies’ experienced engineering team is intimately involved, ensuring we offer the most cost-effective and quality part appropriate for the application.  Our engineering team works with 3D CAD/CAM modeling systems, as well as DEFORM, the most comprehensive forging simulation software on the market.

With such a strong engineering team, we work side-by-side with our customers to solve manufacturing problems. In fact, we have assisted with the re-engineering of multiple build-to-print components, including steering components for heavy trailers, ball joints for Humvees, and boom levers for tank retrievers, to ensure the parts perform as needed.

With extensive experience serving the military/defense industry, The Ulven Companies staff is regularly trained on relevant regulatory compliance measures, including adherence to ITAR regulations and export control restrictions. Our quality system is mature and IT systems robust.