Since 1996 Houston Structures Inc. has supplied architectural design firms, engineer of records, and prime contractors with world class service & solutions for the infrastructure industry. Houston Structures Inc., an ISO9001:2015 certified company, provides cast, forged, machined, and fabricated support products for the bridge industry, guy wired structures, dams, infrastructure, and specialized projects.

HSI employs a broad scope approach to streamline the supply chain. We create and manage a project schedule based on your defined scope, provide experienced analysis of your project requirements, and prepare and manage projects to contract special provisions and plans. HSI offers unparalleled engineering services including design for manufacturability, load & strength analysis of assembly components, and design of termination and hardware requirements. HSI also has the tensioning system that can be leased for the installation of your wire assemblies.

From design to delivery, Houston Structures Inc., the preferred partner to many, looks forward to working with you on your projects.