Skookum joins forces with Anker Schroeder Dortmund (ASDO) to provide Heavy Lifting Shackles to the North American Market.

Anker Schroeder Dortmund (ASDO) and Skookum, two companies with long histories of manufacturing rigging products, have joined forces to bring ASDO’s line of Heavy Lifting shackles to the North American market – U.S. & Canada. With sizes ranging from WLL 85T to 1500T, ASDO is one of the world’s leading producers of large diameter shackles and is the only manufacturer to have DNV Type Approval for 85T to 1500T forged shackles. 


Based in Dortmund, Germany, ASDO has been forging for over 100 years and producing large shackles for over 60 years. With this long pedigree ASDO has developed a very flexible & efficient production system; steel is produced locally by trusted suppliers and brought directly from the mill via railcar to ASDO’s facility. From the railcar area, overhead cranes move the raw material through the factory with the greatest efficiency as the shackle blanks are upset forged and formed with zero waste. With in-house testing facilities all shackles can be supplied with MPI & UT testing as standard. All shackles are proof load tested, exceeding DNV requirements and have a 5:1 breaking load capacity to WLL in compliance with the design and testing requirements of ASME B30.26-1 and Federal Specification RR-C-271. All shackles are stamped with a unique ID-number. With its flexible forging system ASDO can produce special and bespoke shackles from just a few to many. 


For decades, ASDO has produced shackles with a variety of pin colors for major international brands. Anker Schroeder is now selling its own range of DNV Type approved (85T to 1500T) Heavy Lifting shackles to the world under its own brand – “ASDO” with signature orange pin and blue nut. 


For over 50 years, Skookum has produced rigging products from its facility in Hubbard, Oregon. With deep roots in forestry, Skookum has long produced the highest quality blocks, alloy shackles, and link products using forgings produced by its on-site sister company, Ulven Forging. Skookum is now expanding its product lines by developing new products in-house and forming strategic partnerships with companies around the world to bring high quality products to the North American market. 


Daniel Schroeder, ASDO’s 4th generation owner and MD, says “The partnership with Skookum will help us achieve our goal of penetration into the North American marketplace. Our two companies fit very well together as we both have long histories of making high quality products and we both can achieve strategic goals through this partnership. We are excited about what we plan to do together.” 


According to Skookum owner, Dan Ulven, “We’ve always seen ASDO as the world leader in producing these large shackles. After seeing their unique factory setup and meeting with their experienced & expert staff, it’s easy to see why they are the best in the world at what they do. As ASDO is now coming from the shadows of being a producer of shackles for widely recognized international brands, we are excited to play a role in bringing their products to the forefront as their own brand. Skookum is going through some of its own transformation right now and this partnership with ASDO will contribute to our goal of creating a needed resource for the rigging industry in North America.”


ASDO shackles will be sold by Skookum and stocked in its New Orleans, Louisiana warehouse facility. For pricing and stock availability, please contact Mary Beymer or Rick Russ at Skookum – 503-982-9779.