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From Pattern To Finished Casting,

We Meet and Exceed All Specifications

Founded in 1989, Wolf Steel Foundry is known for producing excellent quality steel castings on time with competitive pricing. A 100% no-bake steel foundry, parts can be cast from 1/2 lb. up to 700 lbs. The types of materials poured at Wolf Steel include: low alloy, abrasion resistant, carbon steels, and stainless steels. Custom chemistry materials are available upon request.

With it's on-site laboratory, every heat receives chemical analysis. Wolf Steel also provides physical certification, magnetic, particle, and radiography testing. Annealing and normalizing heat treat processes are performed on-site, with additional heat treat processes available.

Contact Wolf Steel Foundry:

PO Box 249

6160 Whiskey Hill Road
Hubbard, OR 97032 USA

Phone: 503-651-3400
Fax: 503-651-2847






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